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Articles Relating to Blaenau Gwent

Don’t have much time? We are posting an article a month, completely free of charge, for you read. We have chosen the topics to fit into our 2020 Talks Programme.

JANUARY – Published in Journal 21

How the Iron Masters Transformed Farming in the Blaenau – Author: Dr. Colin Morgan

FEBRUARY – Published in Journal 1

The Brynmawr Experiment, Brynmawr Furniture – Author: Brynmawr Museum Society

Due to Covid-19, and as these articles are linked into our free Monthly Talks, we have temporarily put them on hold.

Lockdown Snippets

We would like to offer our thanks to members of Brynmawr Historical Society for sharing these interesting articles with us. All articles are used with the full permission of the authors.

A Brynmawr Sporting Hero

Jones the Watchmaker

An Unfortunate Accident

The Moose Lodge at Brynmawr

The Rechabites in Brynmawr