Local Heritage Trails

Heritage Walks

The Joseph Bailey Trail

The Crawshay Bailey Trail

The Fothergill Trail

The Darby Trail

The Harford Trail

The Homfrey Trail

The Kendall Trail

Aneurin Bevan Trail

Ebbw Fach Trail

‘A walk from our industrial

past to our environmentally friendly future.’

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Tyleri Trails

Beaufort Hill Ponds and Woodlands

The two ponds adjacent to the woodland area are linked to the early days of the industrial revolution.

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Town Councils


National Library of Wales

A 465 Dualling

Fly-Through Video

A465. Section 2/Adran 2: fly-through video/fideo o’r awyr

To view the Welsh Government produced fly-through video simulation of the finished  Black Rock dual carriageway-

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